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    As much as we love our pets, accidents are a frequent part of life. If you have pet pee problems, HomePro is one of the best carpet cleaning companies for pet urine removal.We offer Standard and Restorative urine removal options:

    Standard Pet Urine Treatment-

    Recommended for homes with minimal to moderate pet urine spots, or homes where the animal is still in the home actively making new spots. First we use UV Blacklight to identify pet urine spots. Next, we apply a enzymatic odor counteractant pre-conditioner to attack bacteria and yellowing. Then we steam clean the carpets flushing the urine thoroughly. The last step is to apply another light enzymatic deodorizer that will continue to lighten stains as the carpets dry. 

    Restorative Pet Urine Treatment-

    Recommended for homes with moderate to severe pet urine spots, or homes where the animal is no longer creating new spots.First we use UV Blacklight to identify pet urine spots. Next, we apply a pre-conditioner to break down urine salts (the stain) and odor causing bacteria (the smell). Then we utilize a process called sub-surface irrigation which penetrates all the way to the sub-floor without replacing the pad. Finally, our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning van extracts the urine from the padding and sub-floor.

    Molecular modifiers, oxidizers and odor eliminators help to improve pet stains and reduce odors. We will post-condition the spots using the above methods to ensure we've treated the pet problems thoroughly. 


    All Pet Stain and Odor Removal services include:  

    • UV Blacklight Inspection
    • Urine Pre-Conditioning
    • Deodorizing

    Over the counter pet products can actually permanently set the stain, therefore we caution against using them. Whether you are dealing with cat urine, dog pee or another issue HomePro has a solution to your problem. Call us for your professional odor removal needs. 

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