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    Are you spending your Sunday waiting for clothes to dry? Do you start sneezing or smell something funny when your heat kicks on? Sounds like you need professional air duct cleaning services from HomePro. 

    Having your air ducts cleaned not only improves the quality of your indoor air, it also improves your heating and cooling systems performance which saves you money. 

    Having your dryer vent cleaned improves energy usage, reduces dry cycles and also reduces the risk of a fire. Dryer vents are responsible for thousands of house fires each year. 

    All Air Duct cleaning services include:

    • HVAC duct cleaning
    • Registers & Returns
    • Vent cover cleaning 
    • Dryer vent cleaning 

    Carpet and duct cleaning are especially important when purchasing a home or rental as pet dander, animal hair and pollen can live inside your HVAC system causing allergies. Call HomePro for all of your ductwork cleaning services! 

    Filtration Soiling

    Do you have dark lines around the edges of your walls? While most common in carpeted areas, filtration soiling can appear in other areas also over time. Improper maintenance of the HVAC system and infrequent filter changes are a leading cause of buildup that gets deposited around the edges of a room as air moves through. The sooner you correct this the better as it can lead to permanent damage over time to your carpet. 


  • Professional air duct cleaning dryer vent cleaning and filtration soiling removal services in Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont and the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado.